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What's a Loyalty membership?

The Loyalty membership is an exclusive offer that I've put together in efforts to provide my high quality video and photography services at a discounted rate to the creatives and businesses who need it most. This exclusive offer is my way of saying thank you for all your past, present, and future support..

How does it work?

Once you've purchased your Loyalty membership you will have 36 credits in your account.

-12 credits for filmed events (professionally edited): Each credit grants you 3 hours of film time, that's a total of 36 hours worth of film time for you to use anytime.

-12 credits for photography sessions: Each credit grants you a 3 hour photoshoot, that's 36 hours worth of photography sessions for you to use anytime.

-12 credits for graphic design illustrations: Each credit grants you 1 custom graphic design (posters, ads, invitations, social media artwork, youtube banners, cover art, designs/artwork added to your videos or photos).

Loyalty memberships begin on the day of purchase and expire 364 days later..

Is the Loyalty membership right for you?

The Loyalty membership program was specifically designed to benefit all creatives and business owners who need help creating original content. If you wish to have a constant flow of original content every month for a full year without breaking the bank chances are the Loyalty membership is right for you.

So what's next after you purchase your Loyalty membership?

Once you've purchased your Loyalty membership you are going to receive an email from me with-in 24 hours, next we're going to schedule a phone call where we'll create your Loyal membership account and then we'll talk about creating content and an actual execution plan that works for you in 2019. After that phone call you're going to feel super motivated, I promise. Talk to you soon!

Loyalty membership quick facts

The Loyalty membership do not include the filming or photography of weddings, sweet sixteens, music videos, TV programming or full productions such as short feature films, full feature films or documentaries. The Loyalty membership is non-refundable after 30 days of purchase. Signed artist, brand affiliated you-tubers, influencers and/or established businesses can not participate in the Loyalty membership program as this program was specifically designed to help creators and business owners who are just getting started. The Loyalty membership is only available in the United States & Puerto Rico.

Going over the limit - every hour past the limit will cost you $30 or a deducted 2 credits of your choice.

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